My Ph.D was funded through the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries (CCi) and was awarded by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). My Supervisor was Professor Kerry Raymond and my co-Supervisor was Mr Peter Higgs.

Project Description

“How do you film a punch?” This question can be posed by actors, make-up artists, directors and cameramen. Though they can all ask the same question, they are not all seeking the same answer. Within a given domain, based on the roles they play, agents of the domain have different perspectives and they want the answers to their question from their perspective. In this example, an actor wants to know how to act when filming a scene involving a punch. A make-up artist is interested in how to do the make-up of the actor to show bruises that may result from the punch. Likewise, a director wants to know how to direct such a scene and a cameraman is seeking guidance on how best to film such a scene. This role-based difference in perspective is the underpinning of the Loculus framework for information management for the Motion Picture Industry.

The Loculus framework exploits the perspective of agent for information extraction and classification within a given domain. The framework uses the positioning of the agent’s role within the domain ontology and its relatedness to other concepts in the ontology to determine the perspective of the agent. Domain ontology had to be developed for the motion picture industry as the domain lacked one. A rule-based relatedness score was developed to calculate the relative relatedness of concepts with the ontology, which were then used in the Loculus system for information exploitation and classification.

The evaluation undertaken to date have yielded promising results and have indicated that exploiting perspective can lead to novel methods of information extraction and classifications.


The Loculus Ontology - A domain ontology for the Motion Picture Industry.

The Loculus Relatedness Metric - A method for calculating relatedness of entities within a closed system.



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Other Presentations

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