PANIC stands for Preservation web services Architecture for Newmedia, Interactive Collections and Scientific Data. It was a project was part of the Multimedia Access across Enterprises, Networks And Domains (MAENAD) group of the now defunt Distributed Systems Technology Co-operative research centre (DSTC). The PANIC Project is now archived within the University of Queensland's eResearch Group. My supervisor for this project was Professor Jane Hunter.

Project Description

The goal of the project was to provide an Integrated Preservation Framework which was to support:

  • Very large, heterogeneous, distributed collections
  • Multiple formats
  • Changing organizational needs
  • Which is flexible and adaptable
  • That supports new emerging formats, software, recommendations
  • Incorporates recommender services/decision support
  • And is cost-effective

Using a variety of case studies the key objectives was to:

  • Compare emulation, migration and metadata approaches to multimedia preservation;
  • Determine the optimum media formats, authoring tools, metadata & preservation processes to maximize longevity, accessibility and preservation of multimedia objects;
  • Develop recommendations and guidelines for multimedia content creators and collecting agencies;
  • Implement metadata schemas, metadata capture tools, workflows for capturing essential metadata and automating preservation actions;
  • Implement a Preservation Web Services Architecture that delivers:
    • Automatic notification services when a preservation action is required;
    • OWL-S ontologies for describing and discovering preservation web services;
    • Automatic discovery and invocation of the most appropriate preservation service(s) based on user or organizational requirements;
    • Automatic composition of composite preservation services by choreographing simple services.

Project Outputs

Preservation Metadata Generation

Preservation Web Service Architecture



Peer-reviewed Journal Publication

J. Hunter, S. Choudhury, “PANIC – An Integrated Approach to the Preservation of Composite Digital Objects using Semantic Web Services”, International Journal on Digital Libraries: Special Issue on Complex Digital Objects, Vol 6, Number 2, 2006

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

J. Hunter, S. Choudhury, “PANIC – An Integrated Approach to the Preservation of Complex Digital Objects using Semantic Web Services”, 5th International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW05) held in conjunction with the 8th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries, Vienna, Austria, September 2005

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